Renowned aviation school in the Czech Republic

You can start immediately, we fly all year round

Professional aviation and recreational flying

Our aviation school offers a wide range of flight training programs supervised by experienced instructors. We own a fleet of aircraft, helicopters, and a certified motion simulator.

Professional aviation and recreational flying
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Single Engine Piston / Instrument Rating


IR/MEP - Multi Engine Piston / Instrument Rating



Qualification for multi-engine aircraft


Multi Crew Cooperation

Night (A)

Aircraft qualification for night flights

Night (H)

Helicopter qualification for night flights

Zero to Hero

Flying is my life…

We help everyone who wants to become a professional pilot fulfill their dream. The complete modular ATPL training can be completed at our aviation school. We can arrange accommodation directly at the airport or in a nearby hotel for interested individuals.


Airline Transport Pilot Licence


Aircraft Commercial Pilot Licence for PPL (A) holders


Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence for PPL (H) holders

FI (A)

Aircraft Flight Instructor

FI (H)

Helicopter Flight Instructor


Aircraft Private Pilot Licence


Helicopter Private Pilot Licence


Light Aircraft Pilot Licence


Ultralight Aircraft Pilot Licence

Aircraft rental

Our aircraft and helicopters

We own 7 sport aircraft, 5 ultralights, 3 helicopters, and a fully motion-capable FNTP II simulator. We take good care of all machines, regularly service them, and they are all insured. We are happy to lend you our aircraft and offer type-specific training. We fly all year round, our aircraft are heated.

Fully motion-capable certified FNTP II simulator

€ 111 per hour
134 with VAT
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The flier doesn't ask why he should fly. The flier knows he simply must fly.

We are all fliers.

16 professional pilot instructors

Over 90,000 flight hours logged

11 owned aircraft and helicopters

Motion-capable FNTP II Simulator

We have been flying at Sazená since 1995